Friday, 24 June 2011

Welcome to Be That Writer

Welcome to Be That Writer.

Be That Writer is a free online course for people who want to be writers.

You could well have read books on writing, visited other online resources on how to be a writer, you may even have paid for courses on how to be a writer.

Be That Writer is different. Be That Writer will help you to become that writer who you have always wanted to be.

Be That Writer will tell you something that most other writing resources will probably not have told you. Much of what you will have read on becoming a writer is nonsense! Oh, yes, it will have been well-meaning, but nonsense all the same!

You will have been told: "Write about what you know." Really? Did you know that one of the most prolific and widely read writers of "Western fiction" (otherwise known as cowboy fiction) writes all his books from his home in Newcastle, England?

And if we should only write about what we know, how would  Lindsey Davis be able to write about her hero the Roman private enquiry agent Marcus Didius Falco? After all, if we are only to write about what we should know, how could any historically set novel or non-fiction article ever be written?

So rather than saying only write about what you know the BTW (Be That Writer) maxim would be extended out to say: "Write about what you know about... or what you can research."

Over time, Be That Writer will show you what you can write about, how to research it, who to write for, how to write and how NOT to write. The author behind Be That Writer is not only a published author and writer he works as a commissioning editor and will offer you valuable tips on what NOT to do when writing articles for publication in magazines and newspapers. 

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