Sunday, 22 January 2012

How to publish a book with Kindle

Publishing a book with Kindle is relatively easy.

First make sure your manuscript is finished and typo free. Then check it again. Also ensure that you check for the wrong word, spelt correctly! And the accidental  double use of the the same word can be off-putting to your readers, so please check check for those, too!

You will need to design a cover. My cover was designed using a photograph my wife create. The image was sent to Powerpoint and the text added there.

The image -complete with text- was then saved as a jpeg.

Then you need to go to and simply follow the instructions. They take you through setting a price plus various other features that you can use to help promote your book.

You are advised to use a .doc file or it might not work. In Open Office I was able to save it as a .doc file.

You will need to wait for approval and then your book is out there, in the wild!

You can -please!- check my book of short stories out at

The next book I am working on via The Rann Street Press? A book on basic health and safety principles for the workplace. A vastly different project, but one which I feel passionate about.

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