Sunday, 30 October 2011


Poetry, if it is anything, must come from the heart.

It can rhyme, or be blank verse. Long, in multiple verses, or with only one verse or even only two lines.

Here are some examples of this short form of poetry:

Years ago, you gave me a stone heart. "How cute!" I thought.
I believed it was symbolic. Now I know better...

"Do not build a house on a sandy foundation," the Bible warns.
But what if our life is made of sand?

The birds of summer are leaving.
"See you next year," I say, as they fly away, high over head.

Why not have a go at this form of short poetry yourself? You can use it to experiment with ideas. Who knows? If you write enough, you might be able to collect them in the form of a book, either in print or as a Kindle book and sell it via Amazon.

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