Monday, 8 August 2011

Write On! The Writer’s Help Book

This is an essential guide for all writers, from the newest to the more experienced amongst us.

Seasoned and published author and writer Adrian Magson (you’ll probably have seen  his name in writer’s magazines) will help you get your ideas in to action and then on the screen and the printed page.

He reveals the many tricks and tips that professional fiction writers use to help them in their craft.

There’s advice on how you can edit your own work before you submit your work for publication.

Adrian covers a variety of topics and subjects involved with writing from dealing with writer’s block, right through to getting published.

The book is inspirational and makes a fine reference work for all writers, no matter if they have published dozens of articles and books or if they are hungering after their first sale.

Hunger no more! This book will feed you  with what you need!

The book is available via The Be That Writer Amazon Search Box to the right of this item at £9.99 (or less).

It is published by Accent Press and is available from 10 August. Paperback, ISBN 9781908006776.

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