Monday, 4 July 2011

How to Be a Writer

Stewart Ferris' book, How to be a writer is both small and very short. It is also, however, one of the most useful books on writing that I have ever bought.

Ferris is quite clearly a professional writer. He writes no more than is required to put over his point. It is broken down into three sections covering preparation for writing, practicalities of writing and technicalities of writing.

It covers every possible aspect of how to start writing, for the very beginner, to the more advanced writer.

Ferris covers the need for a place to write in, the tools of the trade, (pen, paper, word processor, Ferris really does get right down to the very basics of the craft of writing) how to edit your various drafts, how and when to seek an agent.

He also touches on how to approach different types of writing, comedy writing, fictional writing, writing for the stage, for radio. For the screen (large and small) how to write factual articles, writing songs, whether or not to bother with writing classes or courses, tips and techniques for dealing with writer's block, and so forth.

He also deals with self-publishing, how to enter writing competitions, how to… well, how to be a writer.

I have been a professional writer for 25+ years. Have I learned anything from this book? Oh, definitely. And at £4.99 Be That Writer can heartily recommend it to any writer, at no matter what stage they are in their development as a writer. It is published by Summersdale

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